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You’ve worked all your life to get here… the home you’ve found or live in is perfect for location and outlook, but there’s work to be done for it to become the dream home you imagined it could be. Perhaps it may be an extension, refurbishment, or renovation. No matter where you look in the Uk, renovation work is going on, space is at a premium and moving can prove to be too costly. That is where a company such as ours comes in. We will identify if planning permission is required for your project, and should it be necessary, assist with the completion of the relevant documentation, including drawings and design. We will diligently follow every step of your application to its successful approval. Renovation work normally takes place whilst the property is still being occupied. We at Fielding Grove understand this and our experienced team ensure that disturbance is kept to a minimum. We are aware of the demands of our clients who have trusted us to design and style their homes.

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  • Disturbance is kept to a minimum.

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