Building your own house is a more affordable way to provide a family home

Many of us dream of building our own home, and whilst it is not the right option for everyone, self-building could be an affordable way for you to obtain your ideal property.

Self-build, where people work with a specialist developer to deliver a home can be a cheaper and more cost-effective way into home ownership. There is huge potential for many more people to take up the opportunity to build their own home as a cost-effective way into ownership. This could be a very good option for many more people who are attempting to get onto the property ladder.

Why self-build?  The answer is remarkably simple.

  • Most self builds, if managed correctly, should be worth considerably more than the construction costs. If all goes to plan this means you secure your ideal home for a fraction of the market price.
  • Building your own home gives you the freedom to include features that may be impossible or at least very costly to install in other properties, like energy efficiency and green features for which subject to status there are substantial grants available.
  • Luxuries such as under floor heating, the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams, can all be added for a fraction of the cost to install them in an existing property.

At Fielding Grove, we will provide Architect and Design Facilities, we will manage your Planning Applications, and guide you through every aspect of your self build. From the first seedlings of the idea, through to the completion of your dream home.

Or perhaps you are an investor looking to build and increase your portfolio, Fielding Grove is perfectly placed help with every little detail. 

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Why choose us for this service?

  • We will provide Architect Facilities
  • We will provide Planning Application
  • We guide you through every aspect
  • A cheaper way to provide a home for you and your family

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