An historic grade 2 listed barn complex situated in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham. This was a demanding project in which the utmost care had to be taken, due to the dilapidated condition of the structure. The building was desperately in need of a total restoration, to include a new roof, and total renovation of the interior including the replacement of the Yorkshire Stone flagged floors. The roof which was originally constructed using King Truss Oak Beams was also completely restored. The exterior stone which was crumbling due to the passage of time was restored to its original condition. This was delicate time-consuming work. The whole building was meticulously renovated by our dedicated team. 

A requirement for the planning of the project was that the renovation should comply with listed building consent, under the auspices of English Heritage from whom we are extremely proud to have received a prestigious award.

"They've helped me on several projects
including the build out of 25 flats and I just want to
take half a minute to sing his praise...

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